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Postby Phantom Gtowner » Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:09 pm

I'm turning 70 this year and U.F.O.'s have been in the news pretty much as long as I've been alive, probably longer. I know it's a popular topic and unlike for instance, Christianity, it's a subject that I believe everybody WANTS to believe. U.F.O.'s are Unidentified Flying Objects. Key word: "unidentified". People see things in the sky. These people aren't experts on aerial phenomena, they're just people like you and I.

If you believe these things, whatever they are or if they exist at all, are alien spacecraft from interstellar space then we've got a problem of logic. I'm told the closest star to our solar system, other than our own sun, is 4.24 light years away. I understand that we don't know anything that exceeds the speed of light other than the expansion of the universe itself, which is pretty mind blowing if you think about it.

But let's assume that these intelligent alien beings can project their spaceships to a velocity of eight times the speed of light. Well, it would still take them about six months to get here and that's only if they're coming from the nearest star. They could be coming from much farther afield.

If we saw one of these spacecraft every ten or twenty years, I might be impressed with the theory. But no, if you can believe all the reports, literally hundreds are seen each night. Let's assume only 1% of the sightings are real. That still means we are seeing them every night. So they take six months to get here and six months to get back home and all they seem to do is a fly by of Earth. What am I missing?
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Re: U.F.O.'s

Postby John_Bailey » Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:13 pm

We do have trouble understanding how insignificant we are in the scheme of things.
Look what we've done in a hundred years, it's not inconceivable for aliens to be a million years ahead of us.
The reason they don't stop and say hello is well documented on T.V. our bugs will kill them just like we did to the people when we arrived here from a place to far away. They couldn't imagine someone coming that far by canoe. Just a minute is that our bugs kill them or their bugs kill us?
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