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Old Barber MillHere is where we keep you up to date on what's new / different / exciting on the Georgetown Online website.

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December '10

GTOL Members may now create their own personal web space on the GTOL Website, using WordPress.

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. WordPress is built by volunteers, and there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine.

Your personal webspace can be about yourself, your interests, your travel, your work, your business, or ALL of them.

If you'd like have your own personal web space, just <click> on [Member Sites] in the menu at the top of the page. From there you can view existing / sample sites, lodge a request for your own site, or view tutorials.

August '10

Tooltips have been added to the iPics page to provide additional information or context that pops up in a box when users mouse over or click on text or images.

Over time, their usage will be extended to other pages. Here's a sample.

Tooltips appear when you mouse over text or images and disappear when you mouse away from text or images.

If the Tooltip has an [X] in the upper right corner, it will not disappear when you mouse away from it, you must <click> on the [X] to close it.

July '10

Both the Message Boards and the Photo Gallery have been added to Twitter.

This means that whenever anyone posts something new on the Message Boards, it will be added to the Message Board Twitter Feed.

In the case of the Photo Gallery, we'll be able to notify you via the Photo Gallery Twitter Feed when new photos are posted.

To add them to your Twitter "Following" feeds, <click> on the above links and when you get there, <click> on [Follow].

June '10

The Normandy Boulevard page on iPics has been updated by the addition of a unique page for every lot.

When you <hover> over a lot, you'll see details of the Residents (past and present), when you see one you're interested in, <click> on the lot and you'll be taken to a page showing:

  • Details: Including a picture of the house and its Residents
  • History: Anecdotal information about the Residents (if provided)
  • Pictures: Residents or anything of interest about the lot (if provided)

May '10

iPics add to the GTOL website.

iPics are images that have been rendered in Adobe Flash, using SWiSH, a software package that makes Flash objects much easier to create. Flash objects cannot be hosted in the Georgetown Photo Gallery on Flickr.

They include School / Class pictures, Street Maps of Who Lived Where, Newspaper articles, etc.

These images allow you to run your mouse over faces / locations shown on the image and instantly see names / details about that face / location.

Apr '10

The Photo Gallery has been moved to flickr.

The new home will ensure the security of our thousands of photos and ephemera, as well as making it easier for Members (and Visitors) to comment on the images.

In addition to a great [Search] function, flickr has a Slideshow feature that makes viewing so much easier.

For an even better experience install the Cooliris addon for the best possible viewing and browsing.

Apr '10

The Message Board has been moved from its old location to reflect the software upgrade from v3.0.3 to v3.0.7-PL1.

Please update your [Favorites].

The new software contains a heap of software fixes, mostly in areas we don't use all that much, but it's important that we keep the board up to date.

At the same time we introduced RSS Feeds, so posts to the Message Board will delivered to you via your Browser, Google Reader, RSS Reader, whatever means you choose.

Now you can keep up to date with your favourite discussion(s) without living there, or having to visit the page every 5 minutes.

Apr '10

Georgetown Online website gets a new look, but we need you to help us improve it even further.

In our masthead above, you'll notice we have a simple text logo. We'd like to have something more graphical, incorporating local iconic scenes and images.

If anyone's interested, it needs to be no wider than 940px and must be 80px high.

In my mind, I'm trying to visualise a montage of triliums, marsh marigolds, spring water, Chapel St. School, GHS, etc.

All sumissions gratefully accepted and if we manage to get more than one, we might even run a Member Poll to decide.


Here is where we keep you up to date on Past, Present and Upcoming Events.

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GDHS 125th Anniversary Reunion Party

Special Event

GDHS 125th Anniversary Reunion

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<click> here to view Reunion Timetable

Homecoming 2007

WOW! Homecoming 2007 was everything and more than we could have wished for, everything was in our favour, a super committee, great weather and so many great attendees.

There were hugs, kisses and tears as folks got back together, some from just a short time ago, but some reconnects were over half a century old.

It will be an event that will be remembered fondly for many years to come and from so many we heard, this is an event that needs a encore.

Your wishes are our commands, as the thoughts of another get together say in 2012, (also the GDHS 125th Anniversary) are in the works.

If for some reason you missed it, see the Slideshows below, Bonnie Courchesne has several hundred pictures in the Photo Gallery of the event along with all the yearbooks from "GDHS", have a look around, add some of your own pictures. (school, work, play or family)

The GTOL wishes to thank the Executive: Dave Smallwood, Neil Cotton, Alison Green and Maggie Ashmore-Eby and their terrific committee that put together one of the best events (if not the best) to hit GEORGETOWN in many years and we look forward to being part of your Encore.

Folks it is never too early to start thinking of the next one, mark your calendars, think about how you might participate! We look forward to seeing you then!


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Georgetown Ontario Homecoming